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Non-ocupying homeowner insurance that fits your needs !

A non-occupant owner's insurance specially made for your rental, at a low price.

From classic rental to holiday rental, our coverage is adapt to all situation. The essential guarantees of this contract have been negotiated for you !

Trustiway Assurance terminates your old insurance free of charge.


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Trustiway has the answer.

Non-occupaying homeowner insurance contract guarantees protection of the insured's assets against any unexpected event.
This contract brings together the various guarantees that meet everyone's needs and comply with legal obligations.

Trusti non-ocupying homeowner insurance from
139 / year

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Trustiway has the insurance that you need.

Non-ocupying homeowner insurance

A property insurance specially created to protect your investment.

Coverage negotiated for you at the best rate possible !

Starting at
139 € / year

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Trustiway assurance can offer the best coverage at the best price.

Customize your insurance per your needs.

Starting at
6,63 € / month

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Save up to
50 %

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