Prenez Rendez-vous !

Prenez Rendez-vous !

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Trusti snow travel

With our expertise in insurance, Trustiway has developed a range of travel insurance TRUSTI SNOW TRAVEL.

Unfortunately, people do not think when booking a stay that some unforeseen event could lead to canceling everything. This is why with TRUSTI SNOW TRAVEL you travel in complete serenity thanks to the guarantees adapted to all your stays :

– Cancellation
– Interruption
– Holiday third party insurance cover
– Defect and excess snow

Included COVID19

    More information about the garantees


Included COVID19

Trustway covers cancellation and interruption risks related to the COVID19 epidemic

More information about the inluded covid-19

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Contract signed in less than 5 minutes


Contact persons available at all times


Trustiway to personalized claims management


The largest companies on the market trust us in our approach

The guarantees of our travel insurance contract “Trusti snow traval”

The contract Trusti snow travel contains guarantees covering the risks of :


Cancellation for all justified reasons

Repayment of deposit plus amounts due


Maximum per rental
20 000 € 
Without insurance deductible


Reimbursement of overnight stays no used on a pro rata basis
Maximum per rental
20 000 € 
Without insurance deductible


Belongings of the owner of the rented accommodation

Including damage caused to movable property listed in the inventory attached to the rental contract
Maximum per rental
4 000 € 
50 € franchise


Personal travel liability

Consequential material and immaterial damage caused to the owner
Consequential bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to
Third parties due to occupancy of premises
Maximum per rental
500 000 €
300 € franchise


Defect and excess snow

Cancellation for defect and excess snow
Repayment of deposit plus amount due
Maximum per rental
20 000 € 
Without insurance deductible


Included COVID19

Trusti snow travel offers an option to cover the risks of cancellation and interruption linked to the epidemic.

I want to cancel my stay because I am in quarantine

I want to cancel my stay because I am positive at COVID19

I want to cancel my stay because a loved one has COVID19

I must cancel my stay because I am refused boarding following a temperature measurement

I want to cancel my stay because a member of my family has COVID19

I have to cancel my stay because my doctor confirms that I am not fit to travel

I wish to cancel my stay because I am a proven contact case and therefore have to isolate myself and do the PCR test

I arrived at the place of my stay two days or more late due to illness or contact


Why take out travel insurance ?

TRUSTI SNOW TRAVEL insurance is optional it is in no way compulsory, however some agencies strongly recommend taking out a contract of this type.

This insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind.

Can I insure another participant who is not a member of my family ?

Yes, You must indicate all the participants registered in the rental agreement.

I paid a deposit will I be refunded in the event of cancellation ?

Yes, if you have only paid the deposit, we will only refund the deposit.

Who is covered by the insurance ?

The coverage of this insurance extends to the participants registered on the rental contract, but also to first and second degree family members not participating in the trip.

Example: grandfather / grandmother / aunt / uncle / daughter-in-law / child.

It's been more than a month since I booked my stay can I take out the TRUSTI SNOW TRAVEL insurance ?

Yes, you can still purchase travel insurance.

Will a participant want to cancel be refunded ?

Yes, he will receive a refund for his part is prorated to the number of days not consumed


You want information, advice or even take out a contract, do not hesitate to contact our teams.


We support you in declaring your claim whatever its nature. (accident, water damage, fire, etc.)

Put yourself and your family in good hands


If you want more information about our insurance, do not hesitate to contact us directly.