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Trusti benefits

Trustiway’s benefits

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  • Contrat souscrit en 5 minutes
  • Des interlocuteurs à votre écoute 7/7.
  • Personnalisation de la gestion des sinistres.
  • Les plus grandes compagnies du marché nous font confiance dans notre démarche.

Trusti travel

Travel insurance

Our travel insurance is a tailor-made insurance that Trustiway developed in partnership with the biggest insurance companies on the market.

Therefore we managed to create a cancellation/interruption of stay insurance, whether its a business trip or just a holiday regardless of where you’re staying (hotel, holiday home rental, inn,...)

Our coverage often include : resort liability, which prevents you from losing your deposit in the event of minor damages.
This guarantee is applicable to you as well as all participants of the trip.

COVID-19 coverage included.
Trustiway covers you against the risks of cancellation and interruption related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trusti travel

Upon receiving your booking confirmation, you will have 10 days to subscribe to our travel insurance. If you pass this deadline, you will still be able to subscribe, however a 7 day waiting period will be applied before the contract is effective.

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s’élève à 15 €

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Trusti private

Classic insurance

Choose the desired insurance type to get a customized quote. We’ll get you a coverage created especially for you guarantees negotiated at the best price !

Get your coverage in a few clicks !

Trusti loan


You’re looking for a way to fund your projects and you have questions ?

Make an online request, it’s fast and easy.

Trusti business

Business insurance

Running a business is a constant challenge.In order to help you, Trustiway is here for you.Whether for multi-risk coverage, healthcare or pensions...

Aslo cyber insurance and all office risks coverages.

Trusti savings

Retirement pension

Personal retirement pension is a long-term savings product. It allows you to save money throughout your whole life up until your retirement.

As a private individual,
the main advantage of this pension is that you can write it off of your taxes and fund your retirement.

For small business owners, there is many advantage for retirement pension plan. Mainly to save for your retirement but also for you employees.

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Trusti review

Review your contracts with Trustiway

We all know someone who had a car accident, a bad fall, a robbery or any unexpected event and and then struggled with the insurance company for compensation due to lack of coverage and/or inadequate guarantees.

what about you ? In the event of the unexpected, are you sure you have the right coverage ?

Thanks to our expertise, loans, savings & insurance we can review all your contrats and reduce your expenses with most probably better coverage.

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Trusti experience

Our insurance partners

Trustiway is a project that took several years to come to light. It was born from the desire of our employees to offer the best products to our clients.

But also a desire for transparency towards our clients.

Insurance is sometimes a blurry world that Trustiway seeks to clarify.

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Trusti partners

Our insurance partners